Maple League Quarterly Report: December 31, 2020

by Jessica Riddell

The last three months have been (as you can see from our quarterly report) a whirlwind. But we must be reflective practitioners, pausing at key moments to take our pulse – as individuals, institutions, and communities – in order to move forward with intention. I hope you found time for quiet, reflection and renewal as we move into 2021 and start to build a post-Covid world. Like Adam and Eve in Paradise Lost, we are hand in hand, moving through one phase into the next, modelling grief and resilience and moving towards hopeful new beginnings.

— Dr. Jessica Riddell, Executive Director, Maple League of Universities

Click here to read the October 1 – December 31, 2020 Quarterly Report as a PDF.


Digital Humanities Summer Institute – East

Date: April 26-29, 2021
Location: St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS
DHSI-East, based at St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, is the latest member of the global DH Training network. It serves the Maple League by making training more accessible to Atlantic Canadians. Our inaugural DHSI-East session will be databases, taught by Dr. Harvey Quamen (University of Alberta). The course will run from 26-29 April 2021.

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Executive Director’s Report – May 31, 2021

In the past year we’ve made tremendous progress in collaborative alliances across the universities. The consortium has established connections essential to building and sustaining robust integrated networks. The Maple League […]

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