What our four universities offer

We are defined by our focused commitment to the undergraduate experience. It builds an extraordinary foundation from which you can build an extraordinary future.

With no crowd, everyone stands out

We are small by design: from our local communities to our campuses, right down our classes themselves, our schools are a testament that sometimes the smaller choice can offer so much more.

With fewer that 30 students per class on average, you’ll have the opportunity to build one-on-one relationships with professors. They will truly become mentors who don’t just teach, but inspire. With their personal guidance, you’ll think deeper, bigger, higher.

Small community means big family

Community is more than just a group of people. It’s the relationship they build with each other. And it’s at the core of the Maple League experience. Our students come from all over the world to study together, to live together. And to celebrate each other’s victories, ideas and differences together.

Whether you’re on campus or in one of the small towns our campuses call home, you’ll always feel like you’re with family ― because you are.

A picture perfect education

You’ll be astounded by how the beauty of our universities can enrich your experience. The historic brick buildings, charming town streets, and walls of lush ivy call to mind the quintessential college campuses you thought only existed in the movies.

And from the moment you step onto campus, you’ll have every chance to participate in your community with activities and volunteer opportunities available on campus and around town. Before long, you’ll realize you’re not just at school ― you’re at home.

We get you ready for what’s next

The time you spend with us will be unforgettable. But university isn’t just about your experiences in our classes, on our campuses, and in our communities. It’s about using that incredible undergraduate experience to better prepare you for what’s next.

Whether it’s a career, graduate school, or something else entirely, the small classes, campuses, and communities of the Maple League will get you ready for the big things ahead. Because we know, wherever you’re headed, it’s going to be far from ordinary.