The Maple League universities are uniquely positioned to become leaders in undergraduate teaching and experiential learning in Canada and internationally.

Connecting people from different disciplines and backgrounds — to create new communities and strengthen existing ones — is one of the foundational strengths of the Maple League.

The Maple League Teaching and Learning Committee

The Maple League Teaching and Learning Committee (MLTLC) is dedicated to building a network of teaching champions that will enhance learning and teaching for many members of our diverse communities. This network includes emerging leaders and novice practitioners as well as experienced teachers and leaders in each department and program to build networks of grassroots support and engagement.

MLTLC Institutional Champions:

Mount Allison: Dr. Andrew Nurse
St. Francis Xavier: Dr. Angie Kolen
Bishop’s: Dr. Estelle Chamoux
Acadia: Dr. Mary Sweatman

The Virtual Maple League Teaching and Learning Centre

The Virtual Maple League Teaching and Learning Centre (V_MLTLC) has been in development since 2018; however, the global pandemic has exposed the urgency of this centre and its long-term utility post-pandemic. The V_MLTLC is a virtual space to support faculty and staff prepare for the design and delivery of courses in Fall 2020 and beyond. One service the V_MLTLC provides is a virtual hub of curated and specially created resources tailored to needs of our faculty and the institutional model shared by the four Maple League universities. The V_MLTLC will provide pedagogical triage for faculty with varying needs/challenges/interests (and provide as much choice for faculty with open office hours for faculty, peer mentors, disciplinary and thematic working groups, etc.). The V_MLTLC will also curate and create professional development opportunities (e.g. workshops, modules, brown bags, templates, quick tips, videos, etc.). While the needs of faculty will vary depending on disciplinary contexts and programmatic requirements, the key differentiators of Maple League universities – e.g. face-to-face interactions, mentorship, and a holistic approach to a 21st century liberal education – will remain at the core of support for faculty as they plan design and delivery for Fall 2020 and beyond.


V_MLTLC November Schedule: The Virtual Maple League Teaching and Learning Centre is pleased to share our November programming:

  1. Maple League Hosts: Daring to Hope: International Perspectives on the Audacity of Hope in the time of COVID
  2. “Welcome to My Online Classroom”: A new series where professors take us on a tour of their virtual classroom and talk about what works (and what doesn’t) in an online platform
  3. Mentorship for the 3M National Teaching Fellowship & Student Fellowship: Webinars for interested applicants
  4. BIPOC Affinity Group November Meeting
  5. Asynchronous Content and On-demand Digital Resources (October)

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Heather Carroll, Director of the V_MLTLC, at or Dr. Jessica Riddell, Maple League Executive Director, at

To view the November 2020 Virtual Maple League Teaching and Learning Centre Programming as a PDF, click here.

Maple League Hosts: Daring to Hope

On Wednesday, November 18, beginning at 11:00 am Eastern, 12:00 noon Atlantic, join us for the November Maple League Hosts: Daring to Hope: International Perspectives on the Audacity of Hope in the time of COVID.

Join Dr. Claire Hamshire (Manchester Metropolitan University), Dr. Rachel Forsyth (Manchester Metropolitan University), Dr. Paul Taylor (University of Leeds), Dr. Heather Smith (University of Northern British Columbia) and Dr. Jessica Riddell (Bishop’s University). This international panel of educational leaders (from four universities and two continents) will explore what constitutes a resilient and hopeful university and how do we build it?

Panelists will explore theoretical and practical implications of social change in the post-secondary landscape and challenge dominant narratives around resilience, authenticity, and hope as a way forward to help others make change in the space where they are.

All are welcome. Join by clicking:

Welcome to My Online Classroom

This new series on Thursdays this month features the steps and missteps of teaching in the midst of a global pandemic. Professors take us on a tour of their virtual classroom and talk about what works (and what doesn’t) in on online platform from their experience this Fall.

Thursday, November 5: “Stop, Drop, and Roll”: Trouble-shooting Hybrid Teaching, hosted by Dr. Lana Radloff (Bishop’s). Join us to learn about the structure of The Ancient World in Film and Television and various tech, including what works and what hasn’t been successful (Teams, PollEverywhere, Moodle, Moodle quizzes, hybrid debates, OBS/Ensemble Anthem). The course is hybrid, asynchronous once/week and synchronous the other.

Thursday, November 12: Teaching through the Looking Glass: A brief glimpse into teaching about visual processes online, taught by Dr. Jasmeen Sidhu (Bishop’s). Perception is a course about how our senses, mostly vision, and audition, allow us to know and understand the world. A large focus on the visual system is observed across Sensation and Perception courses, as seeing is one of the most complex and well-understood tasks a human being does. How does one teach the complex physiology of sensory systems and its functional manifestations in an online setting? How does one get high engagement levels in a STEM-oriented course, where the material is often technical and specific? How does one foster a sense of community and collaboration in a prerequisite STEM-oriented course?

Thursday, November 19: Climate and People, taught by Dr. Corrine Cash (StFX). Dr. Cash’s work focuses on environment, climate change, urban issues, and social equity (including how women are impacted in these settings). She is currently conducting research on how people who live in informal settlements in coastal cities are adapting to the impacts of climate change. Join to hear about teaching this cross listed course between climate and environment and development.

Thursday, November 26: “This is fine.”: Finding fun in the fury of managing a large hybrid course in “these challenging times” hosted by Dr. Angela Pratt (Bishop’s). Join to hear about teaching a course about Social Media & Sport in a hybrid format to over 100 students.

3M Faculty & Student Webinars

In advance of the early 2021 deadlines for the 3M National Teaching Fellowship and the 3M National Student Fellowship, we invite you to attend webinars to learn about the process and how the Maple League mentoring networks can support your application.

Student Fellowship: Friday, November 20 at 11am Eastern, 12:00 Noon Atlantic.

Teaching Fellowship: Wednesday, November 25 at 11am Eastern, 12:00 Noon Atlantic.

These webinars will provide a chance for applicants to ask questions and meet recipients of the Fellowships from across the Maple League. Webinars can be accessed by clicking:

If you are interested in learning more about the Fellowship, please contact

BIPOC Affinity Group November Meeting

On Friday, November 13 at 11:00 am Eastern / 12:00 noon Atlantic, Ivan Okello, Diversity Educator and Black Student Advisor at Mount Allison University will facilitate the November meeting of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour Affinity Group.

This meeting is open to all who identify as BIPOC, including students, staff, and faculty.

Join by clicking:

Asynchronous Content
  • October 14: Maple League Hosts: Truth, Reconciliation, and Decolonizing Higher Education. Pamela Toulouse, Full Professor of Education at Laurentian University, and Maple League Student Fellow Lara Hartman (Acadia University) discuss Truth, Reconciliation, and Decolonizing Higher Education. This event also features a Q&A from the audience.
  • October 8: Using RIIPEN in Your Course. Jennifer Lussier, Relationships Manager at RIIPEN, shares the benefits of the RIIPEN platform when integrating experiential learning opportunities in your courses. Watch here:


To view the V_MLTLC’s programming from this summer and fall, please visit this page:
V_MLTLC Summer 2020 Programming: Resources for Faculty and Staff


Who are we?

Heather Carroll, Director of the Virtual Maple League Teaching and Learning Centre

The new Director of the V_MLTLC  — funded through external fundraising efforts — is responsible for programming, pedagogical triage, and individualized support for faculty across the four universities.

About: Heather Carroll holds a Master’s of Learning and Teaching from Harvard University and a Master’s of International Higher Education from Loyola University Chicago. In addition to her role with the Maple League, she serves both Canadian and international teaching and learning communities as the Director of Communications for the Council of 3M National Teaching and Learning Fellows, and the Operations Manager of the ISSOTL (International Society of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) Fellowship.

As the Director of the Maple League Virtual Teaching and Learning Centre, Heather provides pedagogical support with a focus on online and distance course design and delivery. She is available to create and facilitate disciplinary and thematic communities of practice. Her goal is to curate and create teaching and learning resources tailored to the institutional model of the four Maple League universities, and to support faculty and staff during the Fall 2020 semester and beyond. Her focus will be to help faculty think about how to plan for courses that still provide relationship-rich experiences in the new COVID constraints. She can also provide individualized support for faculty on accessibility and accommodations, as well as enacting equitable, diverse, and inclusive practices in course design and delivery.


Announcing the 2020 Jarislowsky Visiting Scholar: Heather Smith

This year’s Jarislowsky Visiting Scholar (an annual visiting scholars program hosted at Bishop’s University) will be a crucial resource for supporting the Virtual Maple League Teaching and Learning Centre (V_MLTLC).

Jarislowsky Visiting Scholar Activities (2020 – 2021)

  • “Maple League Hosts: A Webinar Series”
  • Teaching Support and Pedagogical Triage, including open office hours
  • Professional Development: Course Planning Workshop(s)
  • Resource Curation and Creation (short videos and workshops, handbook, tips & tricks, course templates)
  • 3M National Teaching Process: Support, Design, Mentorship
  • Research of pandemic pedagogy

Timeline: May 15, 2020 – April 1, 2021


About: Dr. Heather A. Smith is Professor of Global and International Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia. Currently on sabbatical, she is a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Political Science at Dalhousie University. She is the recipient of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship (2006), the Canadian Political Science Excellence in Teaching Award (2012), a two time recipient of the UNBC Excellence in Teaching Award, and a 2018 BC campus Scholarly Teaching Fellow. In her most recent administrative position, she was the Director of the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology at the University of Northern British Columbia (2012-2018).  Other teaching and learning activities include: Facilitator for the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) International Collaborative Writing Group on personal narrative and autoethnography (2019), Regional Vice-President Canada of ISSOTL (2016-2019) and founding co-coordinator of the ISSOTL Fellows Program (2017-2019).  She currently resides in Halifax and will be teaching online in the fall.



For more information, please contact:

Dr. Jessica Riddell
Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence
Executive Director, The Maple League of Universities
Full Professor, Department of English, Bishop’s University
3M National Teaching Fellow (2015)
Bishop’s University

Heather Carroll, MA, M.ED
Director, V_MLTLC
Communications Director, 3M Executive Council
3M National Student Fellow (2014)


Resources for faculty and staff

In line with this commitment, we are working to create online tools and resources for professional development to share with our colleagues at the four institutions on an ongoing basis.

Available videos: