The Maple League Student Advisory Council (MLSC) is founded on the belief that students play a central role in their own education and are crucial stakeholders in making education better for all.


The mission of the MLSC is to include all student voices to create a diverse and inclusive space for fostering student engagement. The MLSC forges clear communication pathways and collaborative spaces with the Executive Director of the Maple League, the four Maple League Presidents, and the other Maple League committees to enhance student experiences across the four campuses and within the landscape of higher education more broadly.


The members of the MLSC include a diverse group of students from across the four Maple League campuses, and welcomes participation from all disciplines and contexts, with concerted efforts to include voices from marginalized and traditionally underrepresented communities.

We value community and collaboration, not only between the four Maple League schools but also between professors and students.

We value students as partners and key collaborators.


By cultivating national and international networks, creating professional development programs that train emerging educational leaders, and by promoting community-centered approaches, we can help to shape larger conversations ― at our institutions, among current and prospective students, in the forum of public opinion, at various levels of student government ― to design and deliver a 21st century liberal education.

In particular, we examine the ways to create future courses and pilot projects that promote students working as partners with their professors in active, experiential learning in order to support and enhance student engagement.

Interested in sitting on the MLSC?

If you have questions or are interested in sitting on the MLSC, e-mail us at: