Maple League Shared Courses for Winter 2022

Online and remote course offerings open to students from across the Maple League:
Acadia, Bishop’s, Mount Allison and St. Francis Xavier 

For the Fall 2021 sessions, we are pleased to offer a diverse roster of courses available through online/remote learning across our four institutions: the Maple League Shared Courses.

These courses offer an exciting and unique opportunity for students to expand their university experience. Explore unique perspectives, connect with new mentors and peers from across the Atlantic, embrace cooperation, and discover how we can do more together than we can do on our own.


1. Pick the courses that excite you from the following list:

Cult of Grape in Ancient Greece

  • Instructor: Dr. Vernon Provencal
  • Host University: Acadia
  • Available at:
    • @ Bishops: CLA 231
    • @ Mount Allison: CLAS 2991
    • @ St. Francis Xavier:CLAS 298
  • Mode: Hybrid, Synchronous
  • Prerequisites: None Description: From the cultivation of the grape to the cult of Dionysus, god of wine, this course shall study the economic, religious, social and cultural impact of wine on ancient Greece, with a special focus on classical Athens

Gendercide: Genocidal Histories of Gender Crimes and Sexual Violence

  • Instructor: Dr. Jamie Sedgwick
  • Host University:  Acadia
  • Available at:
    • @ Mount Allison: HIST 3991
    • @ St. Francis Xavier: HIST 389
  • Mode: Hybrid, Synchronous
  • Prerequisites:  Suggested for 3rd & 4th year students with experience in the humanities.

Description: This course turns attention to a particularly important, though often overlooked, dimension of  genocide:  gender crimes  and  sexual violence. Genocide is  a communal crime rooted  in wider societal structures.Socially  constructed  gender  roles  and assumptions,  therefore, shape all forms of genocidal violence and  experiences.

Shakespeare’s Guide to Wicked Problems

  • Instructor: Dr. Jessica Riddell
  • Host University: Bishop’s
  • Available at:
    • @ Acadia: ELEA 9203
    • @ Mount Allison: ENGL 3211
  • Mode: Hybrid, Synchronous
  • Prerequisites: NoneDescription: Shakespeare’s plays unlock a space for us to explore the world and navigate its complexities. The conversations we have in classrooms have the capacity to help us navigate a world that is fraught and disorientating and troublesome. The convergence of Shakespeare in the classroom situates us all as learners and can propel us forward, equipping us with a set of design principles for concrete action. Tackling wicked problems has an increasing sense of urgency in a new global reality where truth and justice are embattled, where peoples’ ideological positions are entrenched, where unexamined opinions overpower nuanced arguments, and where divisiveness dictates the rules of engagement.

17th Century Studies: Paradise Lost

  • Instructor: Dr. Richard Cunningham
  • Host University: Acadia
  • Available at:
    • @ Bishops: ENG 235
  • Mode: Hybrid, synchronous
  • Prerequisites: First year English course on critical reading & writing

Description: This is a course devoted to reading the 1674 edition of John Milton’s Christian epic, Paradise Lost.

Step 2. Consult member university Academic Calendars, Timetables, and Sessional Dates below.

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Step 3 – Complete and submit the Maple League Visiting Student Application Form

Click here to download the Maple League Visiting Student Application form

Once downloaded, you may print and fill out the form by hand or complete it electronically as a fillable PDF. (We recommend adding your name to the file name when you save the file, like this: “[LastName], [FirstName] Maple League Visiting Student Application”)

Submit the form by email to your home university’s Registrar’s Office. Your home university is the university where you are normally enrolled in an academic program.

Registrar’s Offices:

  • Acadia:
  • Bishop’s:
  • Mount Allison:
  • St. Francis Xavier:

Your home university’s Registrar will coordinate submission of the form to the host university (the university offering the course). Tuition will be payable to the home university once your registration is confirmed.


Your academic advisor or program/department chair can answer questions about how your chosen course(s) will fit with your specific program and academic profile.

You can also consult our Student FAQ for Maple League Shared Courses.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Maple League’s Faculty Excellence Lead, Neil Silcox at