Online and remote course offerings open to students from across the Maple League:
Acadia, Bishop’s, Mount Allison and St. Francis Xavier 

For the Spring and Summer 2020 sessions, we are pleased to offer a diverse roster of courses available through online/remote learning across our four institutions.

The unprecedented situation brought about by the COVID-19 global pandemic has underscored the deep value of our universities’ collaborative partnership in order to offer our students these additional opportunities.



1. View the list of available courses here: Spring & Summer 2020 Courses

For more information about any of the Maple League online/remote course offerings for Spring and Summer 2020, please view the respective university’s Academic Calendar (linked below). You can also contact the Department or Faculty offering the course in question.

Acadia Academic Calendar

Bishop’s Academic Calendar

Mount Allison Academic Calendar

St. Francis Xavier Academic Calendar

IMPORTANT: Speak to your academic advisor, program advisor or departmental chairperson to understand how the course(s) you wish to take will fit with your academic program.


2. Take note of important dates

Spring and Summer sessional dates vary by university. Dates for each session are indicated below along with registration and payment deadlines.

Acadia Spring & Summer 2020 Dates

Spring 1: May 11 to May 29 (Registration/payment deadline: April 23)
Spring 2: June 1 to June 19 (Registration/payment deadline: May 14)
Spring (6 week): May 11 to June 19 (Registration/payment deadline: April 23)
Summer 1: June 22 to July 10 (Registration/payment deadline: June 4)
Summer 2: July 13 to July 31 (Registration/payment deadline: June 25)
Summer (6 week): June 22 to July 31 (Registration/payment deadline: June 4)
Asynchronous courses also offered*

Bishop’s Spring & Summer 2020 Dates

Spring 1: May 11 to June 23 (Registration/payment deadline: May 11)
Spring 2: July 6 to August 18 (Registration/payment deadline: July 6)
Spring Intensive 1: May 11 to May 28 (Registration/payment deadline: May 11)
Spring Intensive 2: June 1 to June 18 (Registration/payment deadline: June 1)

Mount Allison Spring & Summer Dates 2020

Spring/Summer Term courses begin: May 4
Last day for changes in registration (add/drop): May 22
Last day to make fee payment: May 25
End of withdrawal period: July 17
SDL exams (if the course has a final exam): September 5

St. Francis Xavier Spring & Summer Dates 2020

Spring 1: April 27 to June 23 (Registration/payment deadline: April 17)
Spring 2: June 22 to August 18 (Registration/payment deadline: June 12)

*Asynchronous course offerings from Open Acadia (noted as such in the Maple League Spring & Summer 2020 course listing) allow students to register and complete those courses at their own pace.

3. Complete and submit the Maple League Visiting Student Application Form

Click here to download the form: Maple League Visiting Student Application

Once downloaded, you may print and fill out the form by hand or complete it electronically as a fillable PDF. We recommend adding your name to the file name when you save the file (e.g., “Maple League Visiting Student Application Firstname Lastname”).

Submit the form by email to your home university’s Registrar’s Office. Your home university is the university where you are normally enrolled in an academic program.

Registrar’s Offices:

Acadia: registrar@acadiau.ca

Bishop’s: records@ubishops.ca

Mount Allison: advisor@mta.ca

St. Francis Xavier: registr@stfx.ca

Your home university’s Registrar will coordinate submission of the form to the host university (the university offering the course). Tuition will be payable to the host university once your registration is confirmed.

Questions? Do not hesitate to contact your academic advisor or program or department chair if you have questions about how your chosen course(s) will fit with your specific program and academic profile.