Maple League of Universities Funding Criteria & Guidelines


The Maple League is pleased to offer a series of funds aimed at supporting research, innovative pedagogies, travel between campuses, and more.
Please note that the application period for 2019 has closed. To read about the funded projects, click here. 


Important annual dates:
  • Funding application deadline: October 15
  • Decisions will be made by November 1
  • Funds must be spent by September 1 of the following year

Read the Maple League’s press release about the funded projects.


A successful application for financial support from any of the Maple League Funds outlined below must demonstrate alignment with the strategic vision of the Maple League and make a case for impact. Proposed initiatives should fundamentally answer one or both of the guiding questions of the Maple League:

What can we do together that we cannot do on our own? And How does working together enhance what we do do on our own?

Submissions should also clearly identify their connection to one or more Maple League pillars, guiding values, and a link to one or many of the consortium’s strategic initiatives.

Project proposals will be successful if they can effectively demonstrate a lasting impact, and support the efforts of the Maple League to promote collaboration across the four campuses. Funds are not designed to substitute other avenues of funding or to offset already incurred costs. As such, proposals for general sponsorship will not be considered.

When applicable, applicants should identify potential additional sources of funding for the proposed initiative. Applicants who can clearly articulate the opportunity for knowledge translation/mobilization in relation to their initiative will have an advantage in funding consideration. In the case of the Research Fund in particular, funds requested should represent seed funding to support longer-term research projects/funding through Tri-Council. The selection committees will make a recommendation for successful projects to the Executive Director who will seek final approval from the Presidents Council.


Funding available for on-campus signature initiatives


Fund Name Available Funding Awarding Committee
Online Learning/Ideas-Based Course Fund $25,000 The Maple League Academic Committee
Spring Institutes & International Field Studies Fund $10,000 The Maple League Academic Committee
Maple League Research Fund $30,000 The Maple League Research Committee
Innovative Pedagogies Fund $10,000 The Maple League Teaching & Learning Centre (MLTLC)


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