The Maple League’s innovative strategic vision, mission, and values ― including its guiding pillars ― is established by the Presidents’ Council.


The Maple League vision is to build critical thinkers and leaders through the delivery of an extraordinary 21st century liberal education.


By fostering reciprocal relationships across institutional boundaries, we provide extraordinary opportunities to transform as leaders, scholars, and institutions.

The Maple League creates distinctive learning environments that ensure our graduates are capable of navigating an increasingly complex world as citizens and leaders dedicated to the values of a just and civil society.

Key values

  • We value collaboration as a fundamental process in building capacities for new ways of thinking, doing, and learning
  • We value rigorous research and knowledge mobilization that engages diverse communities
  • We value critical reflection, transparency, and integrity with one another and for ourselves
Student experiences
  • We value an individualized approach to undergraduate education
  • We value students as producers and collaborators in their own learning journeys
  • We value a holistic approach to learning within the classroom and beyond ― with an understanding that mental, physical, social, and intellectual health are inextricably intertwined
  • We value a learning mindset that transforms challenges into opportunities
  • We value collaboration and support systems as essential conditions for building character and resiliency
  • We value the necessity of productive failures and messy journeys in the pursuit of excellence
Community engagement and global citizenship
  • We value our institutions as cultural, social, and economic drivers of regional communities within a global context
  • We value ethical citizenship, moral reasoning, and civic engagement
  • We value Indigenous ways of knowing and honour the hard work ahead as Canadians commit to truth, reconciliation, and justice with Indigenous peoples

Guiding Pillars

In order to harness the power of our shared communities, we’ve identified three pillars to support our culture of collaboration.

  • Academic & Professional Collaborations in Higher Education
  • Extraordinary Undergraduate Student Experiences
  • Leadership & Citizenship through a Liberal Education


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